5 Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Lab Software

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Lab Software

As most dental technicians will tell you, managing their dental lab workflow can be a challenge. Thus, many turn to dental lab software to make the process run smoothly and accurately, enhancing productivity and lab profitability at the same time. So, what do you need to consider when you're looking to add or upgrade your dental lab software? Core functionality should include the following: 


Cloud Based

Simply put, this is computing where instead of using a local computer or local server somewhere in the office, the computing is internet based on remote, redundant servers, or 'the Cloud'. This solution provides for easy scalability, easy disaster recovery, automatic software updates and data backup, and depending on the choice of dental lab software, a potential ability to work from anywhere, accessing relevant case data via a tablet or smartphone. All this functionality usually with no installation, just a simple web-based logon for complete access. 

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential element of any business and the same is true in the dental lab industry.

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Accounting/Billing Integration

A dental office is like any other business with a need for financial management tools. A user-friendly, integrated accounting solution that specializes in the unique nature of a dental practice is an efficiency advantage for any flexible lab software application.

Patient and Staff Scheduling

Providing for flexible organizing and scheduling of both patients and lab staff to include appointments, weekends, and vacations. Necessary features like internal and external texting, email, patient reminders, with an ability to fine tune and refine any given typical dental appointment time slot based on the type of procedure are all must haves.

Dental Case Management and Tracking

The software must be able to integrate the bread and butter of any practice such as management of patient case data, including evaluations of teeth, root/bone, and gum health. Overall patient health and oral hygiene complete with an estimation of decay risks need to be seamlessly documented with integration of dental x-rays, any need for cleaning, and other diagnostic or preventative processes. Easy access to patient history is a must. 

Quality Assurance

Close control and quick, accurate assessment of the patient experience crosschecked versus dental technician efficiency and productivity, along with dentist interaction need to be tracked so that any issues or questions that may arise, from any case, can be satisfactorily resolved. 

Having a complete, user-friendly, cost-efficient, patient-centric, customizable management system tailored to the dental lab is the goal. The above considerations should be a part of any screening of the software you, as the decision maker, will ultimately decide upon for use in your dental lab. The need to enhance productivity and have a focus on customer support, customer satisfaction and cost efficiency are requirements the software you choose must have. 

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