Software Support

We are always here when you need us and that is something we at Magic Touch Software take very seriously. We will never disappear after the installation and any training we may do for you. No matter your problems or concerns, MTS is on call to help your business continue to grow. Our experts are even available for on site support as well at your request.

Laboratory Process Analysis

Fighting a bottleneck in lab procedures? Have a problem in your lab you can’t solve? Our team members are masters at analyzing your laboratory and helping you decide which processes will best support your goals and objectives. Let our team of experts assess your concerns and offer state of the art software and process solutions custom tailored to fit your needs.

On-Site Training

While our software is very easy to learn and use, training is aimed at ensuring your managers and staff are aware of all the available features and how to get the most out of them. Training is always available at your request and can begin as early as the same day as the install. We will always stay with you as you grow, teaching new employees and refreshing the skills of your most dedicated employee base and managers.

Customized Automation

Does your lab have multiple locations? Tired of not knowing where your cases are or when they will ship? Let our Synchronization team analyze and asses your laboratory infrastructure and develop a custom solution to suit your needs. We can synchronize all Customer information and interactions and virtually all Production data to any location worldwide, including calls, notes, images, case info, product info, etc.

Whether you want to proactively contact your doctors or simply keep on top of past due accounts, we can create an automation system to run what you want when you want. We can even build systems to replace most manual processes that would usually require employee time and input. With state of the art customization methods in synchronization and automation available from our experts, the sky is the limit.

Custom Reports

One of the major goals of CRM software is the strength in reporting and we are here to make sure you get every bit out of our software that you put into it. One of the biggest advantages DLCPM can offer you in terms of reporting that no other CRM package can is the ability to report on not only customer interactions and tracking, but also lab production data in real time. That means your reports are accurate up to the very second that you initiate the report.

Because of the strong production features, DLCPM already provides for 1 click access to up to the minute accounting and sales figures. However, the capabilities do not stop there. Anything at all from doctor interactions to correspondences to remake percentages can all be reported on. Basically, if you can think it up and propose the idea to the report masters here at MTS, then we can generate the report.