How Seamless Remote Integration Is Changing the Game for Dental Labs

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future of dental labs

Do you want to learn how to provide clients with a better service? It starts with how you gather and track the information regarding patients and dental offices. New software is available to make the process of keeping track of contact details, payments, outstanding fees, and communications so much easier for dental labs worldwide. Dental lab software can be utilized … Read More

How to Make Your Job As a Dental Lab Technician Easier

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dental lab technician job tips

It can be difficult to experience the stress of being a dental lab technician while staying productive. The job can be hard if you do not know the right tricks for handling it well. Dental labs and dentists work together closely, but it is important to aim for a genuine working relationship instead of just keeping to basic communication. When … Read More

5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Solutions for Your Dental Lab

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cloud-based solutions

Are you considering cloud-based solutions for your dental lab? Cloud computing has become prevalent among many types of businesses, with 52 percent of businesses adopting the technology. Dental labs can benefit from cloud-based solutions as they look for ways to save money and increase efficiencies. Read on to learn the top 5 benefits of cloud solutions for your dental lab. … Read More

Magic Touch Software Announces Launch of New Website

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Magic Touch Software

With the launch of the revamped site, provides easier navigation, improved functionality, and the opportunity for visitors to experience all its software options. (San Marcos, California) Magic Touch Software, developers of a leading dental lab software, announces the launch of its new website, The revamped site features easier to use navigation, improved functionality, and allows visitors to see … Read More

7 Tips on Managing a Dental Lab

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dental lab management

Properly managing a dental lab is a tough task. You need the right amount of people skills, technical knowledge, and of course, you have to be great with money and budgeting issues. Here are seven tips to help you better manage your dental lab. Admit it, you’re guilty of procrastinating. You know you have so much to do today, but … Read More

Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Lab Software

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common questions for dental lab software

Becoming a dental lab technician is a huge accomplishment. It takes a lot of discipline and determination to go through years of school and training. Now that your Lab is up and running, all you really want to focus on is the Customer. But instead, you find yourself dealing with office work and organizational problems. Are you considering switching to dental lab … Read More

Dental Lab Software: Getting Technicians and Dentists on the Same Page

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benefits of dental lab software

By 2024, the public’s demand for quality cosmetic dentistry is expected to rise by 18%, meaning big growth for the dentistry business. This also poses challenges for dentists, particularly those who operate their own in-house laboratories. More demand means more work. With more work comes a higher risk of mistakes, which can make for unhappy customers. You can continue with your … Read More

Join us at LMT Lab Day 2018

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Calling all dental labs: Magic Touch Software International invites you to two of the largest annual dental lab events in Chicago. Cal-Lab 92nd Annual Meeting Thursday, February 22nd at 9:00am – 4:00pm Thursday, February 22nd at 4:00pm – 6:00pm Exhibit Hall 909 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 34th Annual LMT Lab Day Friday, February 23nd at 1:00pm – 6:00pm Saturday, … Read More

How Small Labs Benefit From Using Dental Lab Software

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small labs benefiting from dental lab software

The digital age has affected dentistry as much as it has any other industry, with labs incorporating digital elements more and more as technology develops. Even small labs are able to capitalize on new equipment and software with the increased accessibility of these resources. Digital elements are the future of dentistry, with 33% of labs expecting to invest in CAD/CAM-milled restorations in … Read More

Why You Should Upgrade Your Dental Software

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Dentists discussing clients and using enterprise dental office software

Everywhere you look the world is going digital, and dental laboratories are no exception. Are you taking advantage of this-moment technology in your lab, or are you operating your lab much like you were last decade? Do you have the dental lab software management tools you need to make the most of your practice? Or, are you getting by on products and services built to manage any business? Sounds like it’s time to invest in some dental lab software that’s up to today’s dental industry task. We’re sharing tips on how to make sure your lab is reaching its potential.