A Complete Set Of Tools For Your Laboratory

A complete solution for your Laboratory. Limit the need for 3rd party integrations! We offer multiple softwares that integrate seamlessly with DLCPM Enterprise and DLCPM Online



1. CRM Software

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Full CRM tool set including Sales, Marketing, and Accounting features, unparalleled Case Management design, Custom Reports, Paperless Solutions, and Automated services among many other features.

A complete solution providing access to customer account information, call tracking, case scheduling and tasks, sales and accounting data completely independent of your operating system or browser

2. Technician Workflow

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This powerful feature allows technicians the ultimate flexibility in bringing production information right into the palm of their hands when needed. Besides viewing all tasks, schedules,

A web-based product that is utilized by technicians for assigning production tasks, scanning work, QC tasks, time clock operations, and much more. Designed as a touch screen application, the Technician Manager will help you bridge the gap between tracking the work your technicians perform and keeping the rest of the lab informed.

3. Customer Interactions

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Give your doctors the ability to communicate directly with your lab 24/7. Online case submit, case tracking, and case payments are only a few mouse-clicks away.

A powerful application designed and developed just for lab drivers to improve accuracy, efficiency, and service when handling cases with your customers.

4. Laboratory Integration

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Establish a direct connection between the Customer and the Laboratory utilizing our secure Data Center for both validation and authentication. Both outsourcing laboratories and practices with a high volume of cases can benefit from this system as all communications with the producing laboratories are streamlined.