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Vancouver, Canada

500% Growth, after switching to Magic Touch Software


Protec Dental Laboratories was using a competitor for their Lab Production software and Magic Touch Software for their CRM. With this combination, they had to create 3 separate accounts for each client: one within their production software, one in their CRM, and another in their accounting software.

Protec Dental sought a solution that could cover all three with a single account, even though the competitor, “at the time, told us it was impossible to combine all 3 into 1,” recalls Neil Appelbaum, Managing Partner of Prosthetics at Protec Dental. They had also experienced issues with regular crashes using the competitor’s product and were hoping to find a solution that offered greater reliability.


Magic Touch Software offered an all-in-one package to Protec Dental, incorporating the lab component Magic Touch had developed to compliment their CRM software. Protec Dental partnered with them as one of the first labs to use their complete solution.

“Magic Touch provided us an all-in-one lab management tool. Production, manufacturing, accounting, timeclock, payroll, shipping, contact management, CRM, web portal—everything,” said Neal Russell, General Manager at Protec Dental.

The software is also highly customizable. As described by Kimara Ackerley, Customer Service, Shipping & Logistics Manager, Protec Dental “can easily add on enhancements, switch workflows and procedures. We rely on Magic Touch Software’s ability to align with changes we make with reporting. They have a team of people that help us with customization.”

In addition to having more functionality than the competitor, Magic Touch provides more stability. “Magic Touch is rock-solid stable,” said Neil Appelbaum. “The platform it is built on is really solid.”


Neal Russel, General Manager

"Magic Touch Software is a premium product. For a large lab to be successful, it is the right choice. They are always agreeable and eager to work with us. They are happy to collaborate with associated products that we use and allow us to connect and integrate with APIs."


Protec Dental has grown 500% thanks to Magic Touch Software

“Now we’re shipping upwards of 500 cases a day,” said Neal Russell. “We would never have been able to do that without Magic Touch.”


Improved Employee Management

“We can track employees’ workloads, such as boxes packed, and see timestamps on their work. This has helped us to develop fair work distribution and keep people accountable,” said Kimara.


Reduced Human Error

"Each case carries all the information with it. Before, someone would be running around to find a case and scribble notes on it. This is a huge improvement from a customer service and production point of view,” said Neal Russell.


Fully Integrated

API Integration with Protec Dental’s delivery partner allows for a seamless integration.

Seamlessly Efficient

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