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MicroDental Laboratories relied on a variety of different systems, including multiple customerrelations management (CRM) programs, accounting applications, credit card processing systems, and shipping platforms. All of the different systems created a lot of extra work for MicroDental employees, who had to manually pull and compile information from separate software.

“If something went wrong, it would take manual work and a lot of time to figure it out,” said Rekha Karamchandani, Senior Director of IT at MicroDental Laboratories.

Furthermore, collecting sales information from the variety of systems and MicroDental’s 24 locations made the manual month-end accounting process challenging and time intensive. “It was an accounting nightmare,” said Rekha.

MicroDental wanted to find a solution that would seamlessly integrate all its systems and locations together.


MicroDental Laboratories partnered with Magic Touch Software to provide a more efficient solution for organizing their programs and operations. Now, Magic Touch Software’s dental laboratory software serves as the single-system solution for the front- and back-office software that MicroDental needs.

“Once I learned that Magic Touch integrated shipping, CRM, credit card processing, and accounting, it was an easy decision,” said Rekha.

Now that all of MicroDental’s locations use Magic Touch Software, it’s easy to process sales and account for shipping. This saves MicroDental employees time on all of the manual work they were previously doing.

“At the end of the month, all of these jobs are already in Magic Touch Software,” said Rekha. “They automatically schedule payments on a certain date. The month-end accounting process is a breeze now, very peaceful, no more labor-intensive hours for all those locations.”

Laura Kelly, CEO

"As a dental laboratory with multiple locations,
this system gives us an integrated approach."


Saved Time

Magic Touch Software integrated all of MicroDental’s programs and locations, which drastically reduced the time employees had previously spent manually collecting sales and accounting information.


Increased Efficiency

Magic Touch Software’s module Lab ConneX allows MicroDental to transfer cases between locations seamlessly.


Boosted Visibility Across All Locations

With Magic Touch Software, MicroDental employees can easily run reports to gain insights on each location’s sales and accounting.


Enhanced Customer Service

Micro Touch Software gives MicroDental employees the opportunity to communicate and engage with clients across the US and Canada from a single corporate location.


Improved Customer Retention

MicroDental previously retained customers at a rate of about 86 percent. However, since implementing Magic Touch Software, MicroDental’s customer retention rate has improved to approximately 92 percent.

Seamlessly Efficient

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