Crown Ceram

Aspach-Michelbach, France

Dramatically improved efficiency and communication


Previously, Crown Ceram was using a custom laboratory management system (LMS) software. An external team managed the software for the dental manufacturer, handling any maintenance or updates. This proved costly to Crown Ceram: They spent roughly €1,000 per month updating and servicing the custom software. Additionally, Crown Ceram grew, but the LMS software had reached its limits.

One such shortcoming was the software lacked carrier integration. Crown Ceram had to manually input the shipment into third-party software, which was inefficient and led to mistakes. “We would lose the tracking number,” said Frédéric Rapp, owner of Crown Ceram. “We also had issues printing the wrong labels, which led to shipping cases to the wrong doctor.” Looking to resolve these issues, Crown Ceram sought a solution that could support their growth and improve efficiency.


Crown Ceram partnered with Magic Touch Software, which offers Dental Lab Customer and Production Management (DLCPM) software designed specifically for dental manufacturers. Magic Touch integrates with Crown Ceram’s carriers, as well as their accounting and phone software. It’s also made Crown Ceram more efficient from a staffing standpoint. “The software divides everything into tasks,” said Frédéric, “so we know exactly how many tasks per case. We know how much time each task takes, so as soon as the cases are entered into the system, we know the workload two to three days in advance.

If we know we received a large load of cases, we can adapt accordingly.” Furthermore, Crown Ceram improved their customer communication thanks to Magic Touch Software. “Customers can access the information they need, at any time, in the portal,” said Frédéric. “They know what stage the case is in—received, in production, or shipped. They can also submit cases through the portal, rather than writing a physical Rx and sending it with the case.”

Frédéric Rapp, Owner

"Magic Touch Software is the best and biggest tool my employees are using.
They can predict what’s going to happen."


Fully Integrated System

Magic Touch Software’s DLCPM solution integrates with Crown Ceram’s phone software (3CX) and shipping carriers (UPS, FedEx and TNT). They also integrate directly with Crown Ceram’s accounting software, making statement tracking and reporting easier


Increased Manager Productivity by 300%

“The managers used to spend time counting crowns—now they can focus on training, managing,” said Frédéric.


Improved Customer Communication

“With the portal, our customers have the information they need right away,” Frédéric said.


Enhanced Staffing

Magic Touch Software breaks down workloads by case, which helps Crown Ceram predict staffing needs.

Seamlessly Efficient

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