Route Manager

Product Overview

Innovation and proficiency is what drives all development decisions at Magic Touch Software. Our systems strive to constantly improve your laboratory processes while promoting complete customer satisfaction. From these ideals MTS has developed the concept for Route Manager.

Route Manager is a powerful application designed and developed just for lab drivers to improve accuracy, efficiency and service when handling cases to your customers. Route Manager also provides your team with accountability features including: - Reconciliation of all pick-ups against the cases entered in your system - Notification of missed cases when left in driver’s vehicle - A record of all deliveries with receivers’ signatures The Route Manager application runs with a remote lab connection and there is no need for VPN or Windows Operating System. With this application, additional configuration options can be added to customize any labs’ needs.


Digital Route List

Pick-Up Requests

Package Scanning

Signature Collection

Internal Communicator

Case Tracking

Empower your Drivers!

Like never before, you can now arm your drivers with the necessary tools to be on top of every Pickup and Delivery before they become issues. Wow your customers by giving your drivers accurate and automated information for same day pick-ups and deliveries. Whether your drivers use a tablet, Smart phone, laptop or desktop, Route Manager provides drivers:

  • Digital route lists (no printing needed)
  • Immediate notification for same day pick-up requests
  • An accurate count of cases delivered by scanning the packaged barcode (RX barcode needed)
  • Information to deliver cases to the right customer every time
  • Alerts for deliveries when patients are waiting in the doctor’s office
  • Confirmation and viewing of collected signatures for all deliveries
  • Drivers can keep track of the status of both Pickups & Deliveries remotely with a few important clicks while on the road almost completely eliminating human error.
  • Route Manager will automatically send these updates to DLCPM in real time via any internet connection. With this same internet connection, your drivers can receive updates as customer service or other support staff make changes or add new pickups through DLCPM.
  • Further adding security to your Deliveries, drivers can collect a digital image of the receiver’s signature upon delivery. This signature is uploaded to the main DLCPM server, attached to the case, and made available to any user laboratory wide with just a few clicks. With a digital image of the reciever’s signature, there is never any question of when was it delivered or who accpeted it. DLCPM Mobile provides for this in a very easy to user mobile solution.

Magic Touch Software International has partnered with many dental labs around the world to create, design and develop innovative software solutions to meet the needs of the everchanging dental lab industry. Large and small labs are now using DLCPM and applications with much success.

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