DLCPM Enterprise

Product Overview

The DLCPM Enterprise software suite comes ready “out of the box” to manage customer accounts, case production, sales and financial data, technician tasks, invoicing, and much much more. Finally it is possible to track calls, correspondence, tasks, mailing campaigns and much more all in one complete and secure system. Case tracking and inquiry has never been faster or more intuitive. Quick access to case histories, case notes, and financial information on all of your accounts will elevate your customer service to a new higher level. Full shipment manager with automated case bundling for major carrier shipments and local delivery and pickups. These features and enhancements will help your laboratory optimize production processes while providing complete customer satisfaction to your customers.


Manage Customer Accounts

Case Production

Sales & Financial Management

Technician Tasks

Paperless Invoicing

Complaint Management

Carrier Integration


Secure Data Center

Time clock

Internal Communicator

Constant Contact Integration

Credit Card Support

Workorder Scanning

Scheduling Dashboard

Advanced Query Search

Customer Exports

DDX Integration

Product Inventory & Tracking

Batch Processing

Comprehensive User Management

Outstanding Customer Support

Technician Scheduling

Tool Loaning

Customer Alerts

Production Methods

Invoice Scanning

Automated Report Jobs

DAMAS Maintenance

Collections Tracking

and much, much more!



DLCPM Enterprise

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  • Case Entry

  • Production Tasks

  • Case Scheduling

  • Case Task Checkpoints

  • Case Task QC

  • Case Attachments

  • Case Alerts

  • Customer Alerts

  • Case Quality Control (QC)

  • Customer Preferences

  • Case Finder

  • Shipping and Invoicing

  • Case Scheduling

  • Shipping Manager w/ Smart Bundle

  • Shipping Carrier Integration

  • Local Pick and Delivery Manager

  • Live Statistics Dashboard

  • Technician Manager

  • Special Prices

  • Catalog Pricing

  • Production Methods

  • Try-In Support


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