Technician Manager

What is the Technician Manager?

An addition to Dental Lab CPM, the Technician Manager is a web based product that is utilized by technicians for assigning production tasks, scanning work, QC tasks, time clock operations, and much more. Designed as a touch screen application, the Technician Manager will help you bridge the gap between tracking the work your technicians perform and keeping the rest of the lab informed. With complete integration, all work completed in the Technician Manager appears instantly in the case schedule, case audit, case tasks, reports, and much more.

Technician Manager section of dental lab software

Technician Manager is a Keyboard/Mouse or Touch Screen driven application running in the Browser and requires no client installation. Providing that the scheduling system is activated in DLCPM, your technicians will be able to scan their work using this application.

There are a number of reports available in DLCPM to gauge technician performance specifically or the entire laboratory ranging from Completed Tasks to Late Tasks, Technician Payroll, Pro-pay Report and more.

Technician Manager also provides options to meet the FDA and DAMAS requirements as the case is moved around the Lab.

Here is a brief list of options available in Technician Manager.

Time Clock

  • Clock in/out for Production, Non-Production, Break, and Lunch

Scan Work

  • By Single Task
  • By Multiple Tasks
  • By Multiple Cases
  • By Product
  • By Task & Lot Number
  • By Product & Lot Number
  • Case Location

QC Tasks

  • This option allows QC Person to QC the tasks and to Accept or Reject them with full pay, partial pay or No pay.
  • It also utilizes the checkpoint system to QC the tasks in more detail than accept and reject.

Task Assignment

  • This option allows assigning the tasks to the technicians in advance if your lab should require it.


  • You can create your custom home page and setup the folder location to store employee pictures if desired. Other settings will alter the way Technician Manager works.
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