DLCPM™ Version 7.2

Magic Touch Software releases version 7.1.21 of DLCPM™ which includes the following features:

  • During Case Entry, as well as when adding multiple products: This option requires loading time to display the products by type, group and department and it has been enhanced to load the settings instantly after the first access. If any of the settings are changed by someone else, the list will be reset.
  • In the Customer Settings, and in the Special Prices section: When adding a product, a new form has been added for easier selection and the ability to search the product list.
  • The Work order description is now displayed at the bottom of the page above the notes area.
  • When a task is rejected in DLCPM™ instead of the Technician Manager, users are now prompted with a new form to confirm the rejected pay method.
  • When a pay rate percentage is changed, all pay rates associated with production tasks are now re-calculated.
  • A new option has been added to customize the printing option during Case Entry, Invoicing, and shipment. In prior versions, in the global settings were used as to whether print certain documents like Work Order, Invoice, and Case Label. However, in some situations, users may enter cases that have different requirements to print the Work Order or the Alternate Work Order. This option allows users to set the printing option and to over-write the global settings.
  • In DLCPM™, if the 2 check box options named “For Invoicing” and “For Production” are both unchecked, the lab is considered inactive. In this update, all forms that display the list of labs have been modified to exclude the inactive labs.
  • The application policies now display the full description along with their short name making it easier when applying security settings to each user.
  • In prior versions, when a product was discontinued, the product remained as part of the Catalogs, Purchase Orders, and Customer Special Prices. With this update, users are warned that the discontinued products will be removed from the related options. Discontinued products have no impact on existing cases, invoices, or related tasks but they are removed from the following options:
  1. Catalog Products
  2. Campaign Products
  3. Customer Special Prices
  4. Product Invoice Notes
  5. Purchase Orders
  6. Product Images
  7. Product Preferences
  8. Related Products
  9. Product Tasks
  10. Product Taxes
  11. Product Translucency & Shades
  • In prior versions, a given user could only be added to one lab. You may not add a given user to multiple labs and select one of the labs as default. If the option in case settings “Invoicing lab is determined by the operator” is enabled, the invoicing lab will only display the lab which the operator is member of, providing that the operator has the security right to edit the lab name.
  • A new Work Order template has been added which breaks down each task assigned to that case by day. This new option is found in the lab settings, forms, Work Order.
  • Starting with this version, debit invoices are created for each finance charge generated providing greater flexibility to credit them or write them off.
  • All receivable reports have been modified to reflect the changes to finance charges.
  • Monthly statements have been enhanced to display “Credit to Invoice # Finance Charge” to clearly show the FC has been credited.
  • During the upgrade, all finance charges from previous periods are converted to invoices automatically so you will easily be able to credit them if needed.
  • Four new fields have been added to specify deadlines for AM/PM and Pickup and Delivery. This will assist the customer service staff when scheduling pickups.
  • The Add Pick-up screen has been modified to display the deadline.
  • When editing a case, the delivery deadlines are also displayed on the shipping page
  • A new option called “Case Batch Invoicing” has been added. This option will allow users to scan multiple cases and invoice them at the same time. The new Menu is located under Tools, Batch Processing option.
  • A new option to “Automatically Print Local Delivery Label” has been added to the Shipping tab. This option will allow printing the label with regard of the shipment being Local or Carrier. This is only used when the Shipping Manager is not being used to schedule shipments. The shipping manager module has several other printing options.