Magic Touch Software releases version 10.2.3 of DLCPM™

  • Global Settings: In the Reasons Maintenance of the Laboratory Lists section, the option for Credit Reason has been changed to Credit and Adjustments. When posting Adjustment, the Reason drop down is now available for Debit Adjustments as well as Credit Adjustments. In the Scheduling tab of the Case Options section, a new check box option has been added underneath the option for Calculate Ship Date Based on Tasks for "Do not alter Ship Time". When this option is activated, the last task of the case will be scheduled to follow the Default Ship Time set under the Case Dates sub-tab of the Case Entry tab.
  • Customer form, Accounting tab: The View Credit Cards option has been redesigned to open a form which will display all credit cards on file for the selected customer.
  • System Admin Program, Application Policies: There has been a new application policy added called "CustCredCardView" with the description "View Partial Credit Cards" which allows users to access the View Credit Cards option on the Accounting tab of the Customer form.