Magic Touch Software releases version 8 of DLCPM™

Product Tasks: When adding Task to a given product, the task Pay Rate is now inherited from the one defined in the Production Tasks. In previous versions, technician pay rates were always read from the Production Tasks but this option will now allow users to set a different pay rate for a given task by product.

Lab Settings: A new Invoice form has been added which prints the materials used under each product on Invoices.

On the Shipping tab, users may now specify the scale for each production lab to use for creating shipments for cases.

Settings: A new check box option has been added to the Invoicing page of the Case Options to automatically print Case Materials when printing the invoices. If selected, when an invoice is printed, it will also print the list of materials used with that case.

The Product settings page has been re-designed including moving the Customer Portal options on a separate sub tab.

In a multi-lab environment, users may now identify which products are displayed on the Web for a given lab.

A new drop down list has been added to the Customer settings to display a list of product for All Customers, Lab Customers, or Doctors. Previously, customer portal displayed all the products for the customers unless the customer was assigned to a specific Web Catalog defined under the Customer Settings. With this option, the Web Catalog is still enforced but additionally, a product can be hidden or displayed based on the customer.

Under the Shipping tab of the Case Options, a new option has been added to load the scale devices. This option will load any USB device found in the system. The drop down below this button would allow to select the Scale Device. Please do NOT load the devices unless you are at the Shipping computer where the scale is attached.

The Currency page now displays the currency properties and to change the properties like Symbol, Decimal Point, and Thousand separator, users must navigate to the Laboratory List settings.

Customer Portal: In a multi-lab environment, when a customer Submits a Case, a new drop down for “Service Center” is available giving customers the option of selecting the production lab. By selecting a given lab, a list of available defined products will display according to what is defined under the Web lab Products in DLCPM.

Prepaid Accounts: A new checkbox option “Prepaid” has been added to the accounting options. This option primarily affects the way statements are generated and the method for which the aging balances are calculated.

Materials, Lot Number & Part Number: The Materials option has been added to this version for users to define different materials for a product which will be added to a case along with its respective product. Materials are defined in the Laboratory Lists section of the Global Settings section.

Material and Part Number Scanning: The menu options for scanning lot number and part number are located in the Scanning section, and also in the Shipping section. There is also a new option that has been added for users to scan the lot and part number in batch mode. This option will update the selected cases during or after the case has been invoiced.

Pontic Option: When entering a bridge case, the Pontic option will allow users to select which tooth is the Pontic piece. This is printed under the Teeth Numbers section on the work order.

In the Global Settings, a new option is available in the Accounting section to define the Email Sender when emailing Statements.

On the Customer Form, the option to Email Statement now uses the Email Template applied to the Lab for statements.

The option to email attachments has been added to the”Images & Attachments” sub tab during case entry/edit. Users may now email a given attachment to the customer directly from the attachments sub tab.

On the Cases Page of the Customer Form and Case Finder, a new report has been added to print Case Materials separately.

Customer Preferences: A new tab has been added to setup the customer preferences by Product Types.

Report Monitor: A powerful tool to allow projecting reports to be displayed on large TV monitors around the lab. While the new Dashboard reports are specifically designed for this purpose, all other reports may be configured to take advantage of this feature. The Report Monitor includes option to define the parameters, refresh rate, and zoom option.

The Case Finder now offers a new query to view cases with Due Date and Ship Date conflict.

Job Processor Automation: A new Automated Services called “Assign Tasks to Technicians” has been added in the Job Processor to automatically assign the tasks created each day to the technicians who are able to perform them.

Shipping Manager: Package Type: If supported by the Carrier, a new drop down would allow selecting the package type. The shipping charge may be lower in some cases like Envelope. Also if supported by the Carrier, and if the customer is set to COD, the COD option will be available. The COD amount is set to total charge for all cases in the shipment.

Multiple Shipments: A new option has been added to set the maximum number of cases per shipment. If number of cases invoiced exceeds the maximum number, Shipping Manager will allow user to break down the cases into multiple shipments. The maximum number of cases per shipment is defined in master settings.

Shipping Charge: Create shipment now will display a field to capture the amount for shipping charge. After selecting the Shipping Products, users are able to change the amount. This is particularly useful if you are bundling several cases which will increase the weight and additional shipping charge is required. The shipping charge is added to the first case in the shipment.

Scale Integration: When creating shipment, users will be able to click on the button and DLCPM will read the weight. The system has been tested with Toledo PS60 which is generally provided by FedEx and UPS. The scale device must be selected in the master settings for this option to be visible.

A new button called “Currency Prices” has been added to the product settings form to allow setting the product prices for a different currency.

Image Capture: This option allows users to capture multiple images during or after case entry. Users may now Upload attachments, Scan documents, and Capture images at the same time.

Report Center: When launching reports, the Crystal Report parameters are replaced by built-in interface. This provides a greater flexibility and major improvements to allow selecting the values like Customer ID, Product ID, Group, Type, and other fields from the drop down menus.

Settings: Global, Case Options, Case Entry, and General tab has a new check box option to check for ALL possible duplicate cases during case entry. If this box is checked, all Hold, Cancelled, and Sent for Try-In cases for the customer will be searched. The search is also performed immediately as a new case option is selected. If this box is not checked, the search will be based on the patient names. The search is performed after the patient names are entered into the case.

Billing Accounts: The billing accounts form now displays full aging balances. There is also a new grid on the bottom of the form which lists the aging balances broken down by customers.

The Post Payment option has been added to allow posting payments for all the customers for a given Billing Account.

Add Metal: A new menu option called “Add Metal” has been add to the case lists. Users may now add metal to the case without opening the case. If the case is already invoiced, users are allowed to enter the weight with $0 price. If the case is not invoiced, users may add both Weight and the price.

Cases: A new field for Sales Person has been added to the case. During the case entry, the sales person is automatically assigned to the case from the customer record. This field is read-only unless the user has sufficient security to modify it.

On the case entry/edit form, a new check box option has been added for “No Shipping Charge”. If checked, user will not be allowed to select a shipping product. The customer shipments will also display warning if user attempts to add shipping charge to the shipment.

Auto-Update Starter Kit Date: A new check box option has been added to the Fulfillment option to automatically set the starter kit date when that item is shipped. The date will be set to the current day’s date.

Calls Related to Cases: All calls grids now have an option to open related case from the right click menu. Additionally, My Calls and Department Calls have a new menu option on the left panel to perform the same function.