DLCPM™ Version 10.2.1

Magic Touch Software releases version 10.2.1 of DLCPM™

  • Technician Manager: Error messages have been improved to provide more information on the state of the tasks. When processing tasks, a color-coded status bar will display to indicate successful, semi-successful or unsuccessful task processing.
  • ePOP History will now display the ePOP message in the message column.
  • Customer Form load times have been improved.
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DLCPM™ Version 10

Magic Touch Software releases version 10 of DLCPM™

  • Performance improvements for Customer Settings, Case Finder, Add/Edit Case and Customer forms.
  • Campaign Manager has been re-written with many new options, including response tracking, fulfilment creation for responses, adding Starting and Ending dates for campaigns and more.
  • Technician Manager: Completely re-written with a new design. Can now check out tasks, view images and attachments. View STL files directly from Technicial Manager and allow Technicians to print their own Payroll report.
  • Customer Portal: TL files may now be viewed directly from Customer Portal.
  • Merchant Accounts: Card Connect Merchange Credit Card Processing (Marathon) support has been added.
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DLCPM™ Version 9.4.11

Magic Touch Software releases version 9.4.11 of DLCPM™

  • Customer Portal: French translation has been incorporated.
  • LabConneX Portal: Option to add attachments to the Case has been added.
  • Technician Manager: Several new options has been added. Please review the Settings page for list of new features.
  • LabConneX Enterprise to allow automatic transfer of Cases, Images, and Calls between Invoicing Lab & Production Labs has been fully deployed.

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DLCPM™ Version 9.3.160

Magic Touch Software releases version 9.3.160 of DLCPM™

  • Customer View Application Policy: A new policy called "Customer View" has been added to the list of Customer policies. By default, member of "All Users" group will have access to the customer form.
  • Case Edit Changing the Product Code: When the product code is changed, all related materials for the old product is automatically removed. Related material for the new product is automatically added and an audit trail log is created incidating the product ID was changed.
  • Scan Document & Capture Image: Both option now have Notes area similar to add case document.
  • Customer Prices Copy Option: A new button has been added to allow copying the special prices from one Customer to another.

DLCPM™ Version 9.3.105

Magic Touch Software releases version 9.3.105 of DLCPM™

  • LabConneX Portal (LXP): Production Labs are now allowed to add Materials to the case independently of the Invoicing Lab. Date and User logging has been added to track when the material is added.
  • Job Processor Automation: A new option allows jobs not to run on weekends or holidays.
  • Technician Manager: Enhanced Message Board editor. A list of time clock hours for the current day is displayed when clocking In or Out. The number of cases scanned is now displayed while scanning tasks. DAMAS Scanning allows multiple scans before saving. A new "My Payroll" rpeort has been added that includes technician pay and time clock hours. Report is protected by user ID and password, which must be manually entered. Master Settings now offers several new options.
  • Customer Portal: A new property has been added to notify the lab by Email if there was a network error during credit card processing.
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DLCPM™ Version 9.2

Magic Touch Software releases version 9.2 of DLCPM™

  • Volume Discount: Automatically create Credit Memo or Credit Adjustment with options to preview. The process is fully automated and takes place when creating statements.
  • Recurring Invoices: Automaticaly generate invoices on a monthly basis, utilizing customer special pricing options. Invoices are generated when statements are created with an option to preview or skip the process.
  • Incoming Shipment & Automatic Case Creation: Scan the tracking number when shipments arrive, identify the Doctor and the system will automatically create a case and print optional barcodes.
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DLCPM™ Version 8.5

Magic Touch Software releases version 8.5 of DLCPM™

  • Products: A new check box option has been added to the product page to prevent users from invoicing a case if the given product has a quantity of zero. This may be very useful for metal products where the weight is entered right before invoicing or this may generally be used to correct errors that could have occurred during data entry.
  • Case Entry, Metal Finish: A new maintenance section has been added to define the Metal Finish like Lingual Metal. When adding a product to a case, users will be able to select the Metal Finish from the list of available options defined in the maintenance section.
  • If a Product has any related products, the Materials associated with those related products will now also be added to the list of materials as the original product is selected during case entry.
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