Guest Speaker at Annual CAL-LAB in Chicago

President and CEO of Magic Touch Software, Gary Bagheri, has been invited to deliver his message of the importance and value of the often overlooked customer service process in dental laboratories today. Continuing his tireless effort to educate the dental laboratory industry of the importance of a concept he calls complete customer satisfaction, Gary will deliver his analysis and discuss how the right software tools will help achieve this goal and ultimately grow your business.

Magic Touch Software representatives will be joining hundreds of visitors at the CAL-LAB and upcoming annual LMT Lab Day in Chicago, Illinois on February 25 -28, 2009.

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DLCRM™ Web Services Overview

DLCRM™ Web Subscription Services
Ever wish for a safe and secure way for your doctors to let you know about a prospective case before they send in the Rx and case materials? Ever wish your doctors could verify the status of a case without ever picking up the phone? Or how about submit a picture they took chair side instantly without email? Well this dream is now a reality. Magic Touch Software is proud to announce the ground-breaking DLCRM™ Web Subscription Services.

  • This revolutionary new feature introduces the ability to allow your doctors to communicate directly with your lab 24 hours a day / 7 days a week via the internet. Just imagine having a website dedicated to your doctors that can offer up to the minute case status as well as case submission, image and file uploads, case pick up requests, and accounting data including balance and payment information.
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Annual LMT Lab Day Chicago

  • Magic Touch Software representatives will be joining hundreds of visitors at the upcoming annual LMT Lab Day in Chicago, Illinois on February 22 -23, 2008. MTS will be available to answer any and all questions and also will be on hand to demonstrate the powerful DLCPM™ Application Suite.
  • MTS will also be unveiling the revolutionary new DLCPM™ V3.0 at the LMT’s Lab Day in Chicago, Illinois. If your travels include a visit to this show, we would like to personally invite you to attend the preview of V3.0 and learn about the many new exciting features and enhancements available to you.
  • While you’re here you can also take the opportunity to see the incredible value of complete integration with QuickBooks, UPS, and FedEx.

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DLCPM™ Document Scanning and Imaging Overview

Automated Work Order and Rx Scanning

  • Fed up with losing important case related documents? Tired of storing piles of old Rx papers? DLCPM™ has all the answers for you with Work Order and Case Attachment Scanning. DLCPM™ has all the functionality necessary to allow your laboratory to scan all Rx’s, work orders, and any other case attachments easily and effectively while instantly making the images available company wide to every user of DLCPM™.
  • This exciting and innovative tool is just as easy as to setup as it is to use it. Once a template of your work order is created by our experts and the final configuration is completed the hard part is done.
  • Next you simply order your stacks of documents to be scanned with the work order on top as a cover sheet and all subsequent pages related to the same case forming individual case image batches of documents. As long as the order is preserved, you can stack as many batches as your scanner handle on top of one another and DLCPM™ will take it from there.
  • As you run the stacks of case image batches through your scanner, DLCPM™ will automatically read the CaseID barcode on the Work Order and attach all adjacent documents to that CaseID until it sees another Work Order which will indicate to the system the end of a batch. These images are available in DLCPM(TM) instantly.
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