DLCPM™ Version 7.2

Magic Touch Software releases version 7.1.21 of DLCPM™ which includes the following features:

  • During Case Entry, as well as when adding multiple products: This option requires loading time to display the products by type, group and department and it has been enhanced to load the settings instantly after the first access. If any of the settings are changed by someone else, the list will be reset.
  • In the Customer Settings, and in the Special Prices section: When adding a product, a new form has been added for easier selection and the ability to search the product list.
  • The Work order description is now displayed at the bottom of the page above the notes area.
  • When a task is rejected in DLCPM™ instead of the Technician Manager, users are now prompted with a new form to confirm the rejected pay method.
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DLCPM™ Version 7.1

Magic Touch Software releases version 7.1.21 of DLCPM™ which includes the following features:

  • The customer form has a new section to display most of the default lab settings. There is also a new button to access the lab specific settings directly from this page. While there are many other settings available, this section only displays most common fields.
  • The Doctor Web Access Portal has a new option added to decide which address to use for the FROM field when sending alerts to the Lab.
  • In the settings for each customer, a new field called ‘Web Catalog’ has been added. If specified, the Doctor Web Access Portal will only allow products from this Catalog to display.
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DLCPM™ Version 7.0

Magic Touch Software is proud to release it’s newest version of DLCPM™. Although there are many new advances as well additions in features, DLCPM™ has evolved but continued to raise the bar when it comes to dental lab production and customer service. Click on the read more link to review just a few additions and changes made in this newest version.

  • A new feature for Case Audit Trail (DAMAS Requirement) has been added to provide device/case activity history for the time it was received at the lab to the time it was shipped. The new option is available on right click Menu of a case or the Print option for a case.
  • The Print Statements option will now print the .PDF file directly as opposed to running the report again for each statement.
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DLCPM™ Version 6.12

Magic touch software releases version 6.12 of DLCPM™ which includes the following features:

  • When forwarding E-Mails from the Correspondence page & My E-Mail, the original email is now added to the newly created email.
  • When sending E-Mails from the accounting page, the recipient and the email address is taken from the billing account contact. If any of these fields are blank, the name and address will be taken from the main customer record.
  • A new checkbox has been added under the settings accounting page to determine how the monthly statements are printed. By default, the charges and payments are printed in chronological order. If this new check box option is checked, the charges and credits are listed first, the payments are listed after.
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DLCPM™ Version 6.10

Magic Touch Software releases version 6.9 of DLCPM™ which includes the following features:

  • New options have been added under the settings to define Translucencies and Shades.
  • The default Work Order report now prints the TL and Shade below each product description.
  • The Translucencies and Shades described above are also implemented in the Doctor Web Access Portal. Customers will be able to select translucency and shades for the product and will not be allowed to save the case without the options specified if a given product has associated TL and/or Shades.
  • In the Doctor Web Access Portal, accounting preferences have been added which include options to opt-in receiving Monthly Statements by E-Mail.
  • When a case submitted from the Doctor Web Access Portal is accepted, the creator is changed from “Web” to the user who accepted the case. A log is also written to show when the case was accepted.
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DLCPM™ Version 6.8

Magic Touch Software releases version 6.8 of DLCPM™ which include the following features:

  • In the Shipping Manager, a new tab called “Shipments Due Out Today” has been added. This page displays all the cases that must go out that day based on the combination of Ship Date and Due Date.
  • A new option in the Shipping Manager has been added for users to set a declared value for the shipment during the create shipment process.
  • In the Shipping Manager, on the create shipment page, a message will be displayed for customers with Pending Fulfillments.
  • A new option has been added in the Shipping Manager to open the Case Finder if additional information about the case such as Products, Tasks, and Log requires review.
  • A new option has been added to track any fulfillments that have been shipped through a Carrier with a tracking number.
  • On the Sales page, a new tab has been added to display sales by products similar to the Department, Type, and Group.
  • Carrier Service Type has been added for users to view on the Cases page.
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DLCPM™ Version 6.7

Magic Touch Software releases version 6.7 of DLCPM™ including the following updated features:

  • Application Securities for users are broken down by Category for easier view.
  • GROUPS or USERS may be added to the application policies.
  • A large number of new security policies options have been added for better flexibility and control throughout DLCPM.Accounting: Post Payment
  • Users while posting a payment may now check the box next to each past due balance to pay the invoices which make up that past due balance instead of selecting one invoice at a time.
  • The two options for Refund Check and Refund Credit Card has been added to the transfer routine for QB.
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