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Today, dental labs are seeking ways to transform their paper processes to digital. The goal is to achieve faster and more accurate business systems to support your business.

Digital options improve your client relationships with better communication, faster service, and paperless billing. Discover the many benefits of going paperless, and how your lab can streamline its processes.

Reduce Paper Costs and Storage Space

Conventional dental offices use an average of 10,000 sheets of paper every year to populate paper charts, excluding paper for file folders.

Transitioning pieces of paper into digital files saves your lab tens of thousands of dollars over a few years. It also helps you save on office supplies.

Staff focuses on critical tasks, instead of managing or tracking down paper forms and files that take up physical space. Your lab saves time, space, and money.

Using a digital system, your staff enters queries and locates critical information.

By eliminating paper from your lab, you're making a difference to the environment and saving trees.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture's Forest Service, forest coverage in the northern part of the country has actually increased by 28%.

Keep Patient Information Safe

The benefits of paperless extend to ensure your lab is HIPAA compliant. It's becoming more and more important to keep records and patients' charts safe and secure.

Computerized systems back-up information on a regular basis and deliver it in real time.

With electronic records, you store your records in a secure and confidential place. Also, the threat of vulnerabilities to your records are eliminated, such as fire or other damage to your offices.

More Legible and Complete Records

Illegible handwriting is common on charts. As a digital lab, you'll no longer have to deal with charts that are hard to read and comprehend. Dental records will be more accurate.

Digital records are also time stamped, which helps clarify important information. This eliminates misunderstanding as well.

Records can be duplicated and reproduced within seconds.

Gain Greater Efficiency

By choosing the right practice management software, your lab reaps the benefits of going paperless. Consequently, your records are more accurate, legible, and accessible.

It eliminates your staff's ability to lose or misplace a file, as they're categorized and indexed.

Digital options allow you to streamline files into a single location, such as accounts receivable, appointments, progress notes, insurance claims, and much more.

Transitioning to a digital lab generates the following efficiencies:

  • Provides greater flexibility
  • Enables you to keep up with demand
  • Provides a way to offer new products and services
  • Allows you to deliver high-quality restorations

Join the Digital Age

Your staff uses technology every day. They want to utilize technology to communicate with their dental labs.

Using practice management software, your staff sends appointment confirmations or reminders. This occurs through text or email messages.

Your patients have the added convenience to make payments and schedule appointments online.

Consider cloud-based software to document patient care on any phone or tablet.

Capture clinical information in a more efficient and streamlined way.

Keep all your patient records, files and correspondence, and accounting data in one place.

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