Dental Lab CPM Enterprise

Dental Lab Customer Software & Production Management Enterprise

Magic Touch Software is proud to introduce the latest software application to revolutionize the dental laboratory production industry, Dental Lab Customer & Production Management Enterprise Software Suite (DLCPM). This groundbreaking new system is built on proven technology and currently utilized by laboratories world wide. Designed not only to enhance a laboratories customer satisfaction, but at the same time provide a full feature set aimed at managing all laboratory production processes.

The entire system has evolved from 2 main systems fully integrated, now offering unique Customer Relationship Management tools as well as a complete Lab Production and Case Management system. This complete solution allows for access to all customer account information, production data, case tracking audit, sales and accounting data, in one place successfully bridging the gap between account management and real-time business intelligence.

By way of developing an enhanced system, DLCPM Enterprise builds a business database that provides a vast array of valuable information with just a few clicks of the mouse. Built from the ground up solely for dental laboratories, DLCPM Enterprise sets laboratories apart by offering a unique Customer Relation Management system along with a complete case and laboratory production management tools.

Cloud Based Integration

Setting another first in the lab software industry, Magic Touch Software provides a web based solution offering complete integration to our Enterprise windows installation. With DLCPM Net, you don’t have to choose. In one installation, enjoy the power of a windows client and the portability of a cloud solution utilizing the same database. Provide your customer service staff with the powerful tools of DLCPM Enterprise and arm your road warriors with the convenience of DLCPM Net. From the browser or tablet using a touchscreen or a mouse, your most important data is available through the same intuitive interface found in the Enterprise version.

DLCPM Enterprise Software

The DLCPM Enterprise software suite comes ready “out of the box” to manage customer accounts, case production, sales and financial data, technician tasks, invoicing, and much much more. Finally it is possible to track calls, correspondence, tasks, mailing campaigns and much more all in one complete and secure system. Case tracking and inquiry has never been faster or more intuitive. Quick access to case histories, case notes, and financial information on all of your accounts will elevate your customer service to a new higher level. Full shipment manager with automated case bundling for major carrier shipments and local delivery and pickups. These features and enhancements will help your laboratory optimize production processes while providing complete customer satisfaction to your customers.

Additionally, by building a cohesive standardized database, translating every day customer data into meaningful business intelligence, and making it all available through streamlined interfaces, we can help your laboratory gain that competitive edge. Whether you’re a small lab with a few doctors looking to move upward or a large lab outsourcing worldwide, the DLCPM Enterprise software suite will do more for your lab than you ever thought possible.

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