Case Management

Case Entry

Using streamlined processes and intuitive interfaces, case management using the DLCPM system has never been easier or faster. Case Entry is the first and perhaps most important step in production. Based on any product codes and descriptions your lab chooses, employees can easily enter all pertinent case information including Product Code, Tooth Numbers, Materials, and more while minimizing errors through built data validation rules.

Case Scheduling and Tasks

Once the case is entered in the Dental Lab CPM system, the case is automatically scheduled and all tasks created based on the product code(s) and the method of fabrication. Dental Lab CPM gives the ability to easily configure each product for specific production and scheduling methods, ship date calculation, and descriptions among others. In addition, each task can be customized to include duration, pay rate, technician assignment, QC tasks and other pieces that are pertinent to your lab. Easily mold the software to coincide with your lab processes and align technician tasks and work flows in the most efficient way possible.

Case Task Checkpoints

Within CPM, easily define specific production tasks as quality control tasks of other tasks associated with certain products. Further enhancing a labs ability to maintain high standards of quality control, Dental Lab CPM is the first software to introduce Case Task checkpoints. Going beyond simply accepting or rejecting a technician’s work on a task and deciding if partial pay will be awarded, CPM allows for a production task to be broken down into checkpoints that serve as quality control measures.

Case Audit Trail and Location Scanning

Part of the Case Tracking available in DLCPM is the ability to set the location of a case based on important areas of your laboratory or a specific technician’s work bench. For example, if a case has to be sent to a call center due to a need to contact the doctor, DLCPM allows you to scan the Case Number and update the case location as “Call Center” with the current date and time and of course is instantly viewable by all users. Alternatively, the case may be going to the plaster room to be worked on by a certain technician. DLCPM makes it just as easy to update a case’s location by a technician’s bench number or location as well. In addition, easily view any edits that may occur throughout the life of the case in the lab including changing the due date , shipping method, reschedule, etc. This feature will take the guess work out of locating a case at any given moment or understanding who made a change to the case entry anywhere anytime in your laboratory.

Custom Work Order

DLCPM comes equipped with a fully functional Work Order that contains all pertinent information needed to produce the case in your laboratory. See some things you may want added to the work order or want to move some things around? Not a problem. For a small fee, our experts will be glad to work with your lab to help design your ideal Work Order.

Case Materials and Enclosures

Doctors continue to include important materials when sending the case to your laboratory. DLCPM provides a means to successfully track all of the various materials such as bites, pictures, articulators, etc. These materials can easily be entered at time of case entry or any other time by editing the case.

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Case Operations

Case Attachments

Along with case materials, doctors may choose to provide electronic files, such as images, documents, etc. and now they can easily be attached to the case with just a few clicks. Once the electronic file is received, simply edit the case and attach the file to the appropriate Case Number. It is immediately made available system wide and can be opened at any time.

Case Alerts

As a case moves through the important stages of production, DLCPM can be configured on a per doctor basis to alert the staff as a case in Entered or Invoiced using various methods of communication, including Text Message (SMS), Email, and the brand new ePop. Notify your staff of an important event related to a specific doctor record. When the Alert is received, the doctor record will be automatically retrieved and opened. Once the automated notifications are setup based on the events you specify, within the global preferences in DLCPM, you may customize the content of each message generated. This preference has been further enhanced to allow emails for each type of alert to have specific content. Instead of vague or generalized messages, this will allow your automated messages to be very direct and useful. Your staff will appreciate these notifications and they can help insure complete customer satisfaction. Instant Notifications will improve communication with your doctors and help your staff be proactive with customer support instantly.

Case Quality Control (QC)

This module provides the foundation for labs to enhance or in some cases implement a quality control process specifically designed for outsourced cases. Those labs that may outsource cases to other locations will find these tools invaluable. The quality control module is specifically designed to help maintain records of quality control of cases allowing laboratories to Accept or Reject any case, track the reason(s) for the decision, and send that information to the production laboratory. Once the case has been completed and received, your staff will simply approve the case based on the ratings you create through DLCPM maintenance or reject it based on any number of Remake Reasons. You can also type in notes specific to the QC process and particular case.

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Customer Preferences

With every case and every doctor there are always methods or characteristics that are preferred and can become difficult to maintain. DLCPM makes managing even the pickiest of doctors’ preferences a snap with a completely configurable list of doctor preferences and very easy to use interface. Each applicable preference is in turn printed on every work order ensuring that every case can be fabricated to the exact specifications of every doctor. For simplicity, these preferences are broken down into 4 main categories, including General, Customer, Product, or Department Preferences.

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Case Finder

This powerful search engine will help you to find any case that was ever entered into the Dental Production System using various pieces of information, including Customer ID, Case Number, Patient First, Patient Last Name, Date In, and/or specify a date range for one of the following dates: Ship Date, Due Date, Date Invoiced, or Bill Date. You can search by one or all of these case properties and DLCPM will scan all specified fields in search of the values you enter. Even if you’re not sure of the spelling, only type the first few letters and DLCPM will return all values that start with what you typed.

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Case Reporting

With the DLCPM system, a large number of reports are available with just a few clicks. Anything from Calls Analysis to Shipped Cases to Units Received can be viewed directly from within DLCPM or sent to a printer. Our experts can also create any custom report you may have a need for.

Note – Custom Reports can be created by our experts to fit your Laboratory’s exact specifications.

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Shipping & Pickups

Invoicing and Shipping

The invoicing and shipping module in DLCPM will help streamline the shipping process by providing all necessary functions in one central system, including applying a discount or other case modifications, print the invoice, retrieve a shipping label from the correct carrier, and add the invoice to the accounting ledge for that doctor. You can now accomplish everything you need to ship a case without leaving your seat.

Shipping Manager w/ Automated Case Bundle

In some situations your laboratory may have multiple cases to send to one location, either the same doctor or multiple doctors in one building. DLCPM removes the guess work by tracking all addresses that have had cases invoiced today and will alert the user that a previous case has been invoiced. It will also print out a report with the same tracking number as the initial case rather than printing a new label. Think of the time and money you can save by always knowing what cases can be bundled and shipped together under one tracking number.

Automated Pickup Scheduling and Shipping with Major Carriers

Scheduling pickups and invoicing cases has never been easier as DLCPM Enterprise can connect directly to UPS, FedEx, and Puralator, schedule the pickups, and retrieve the shipping label with the proper billing information filled out in real time. Your staff can now either choose to print the shipping label themselves or check the option to have the label Emailed directly to the customer. Also, as a case is invoiced the same process is used to retrieve a valid tracking number and label and is immediately printed out in real time.

Case Tracking and Status

Without leaving your seat, you can verify location, production status, billing status, track a case that has already been shipped, or even view the RX image all while the doctor is on the phone with your staff. Imagine being able to let your doctor know instantly as they call you that their case is currently in QC and is scheduled to ship today or has just left the opaque room and should be ready to ship in 2 days. DLCPM puts all of the necessary information in one place right at your fingertips including Case Tasks, Case Tasks Log, Case Products, and even Case Comments. As a result of such tight integration and superior design, with just a couple clicks, your staff can reference all of this case information in seconds as it occurs throughout your lab and processed by your technicians.

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Local Case Pick-up and Delivery Management

It has never been easier or faster to create, track, and complete scheduled or routine local pick-ups for all of your doctors even while they wait on the phone. Once entered in the system it is so simple for your staff to view all requests in one central place while allowing the rest of your staff to instantly view any status changes. This comprehensive delivery system will allow you to schedule invoiced cases for delivery and print a report which will include all the information necessary to complete and track daily deliveries from pending to confirmation. The enhanced shipping report for Local Pickups and Deliveries now offers the option to print based on Route or Facility and gives the option to show both the scheduled deliveries and pickups in one central location. Another great feature available to the many labs that currently are involved in local pickups is the ability to automatically text message (SMS) the drivers out on the road when a New Pickup is added to the Pickup Manager making it easier than ever for your drivers to be more efficient in supporting your doctors.

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Accounts Receivable, Quickbooks Integration

Already using Quickbooks for your Lab’s accounting needs? No need to start over. We can preserve all Quick book data that you have been accumulating. In addition, although Dental Lab CPM Enterprise does contain a full Accounts Receivable module built in, users will enjoy the flexibility to choose Intuit’s Quickbook as the preferred accounting solution. Applying invoices and payments to your existing Quickbooks database has never been simpler with built -in integration with Intuit Quickbooks. Enjoy the look and feel of Quickbook’s accounting system or the ease of one system while DLCPM posts invoices and payments to Quickbooks. You decide! Take advantage of a completely built-in Accounting tools in DLCPM or utilize Quickbooks to accurately maintain account balances, process accounts receivables, and monthly statements for all of your customers with this powerful integration. Choose what’s best for your lab!

Credit Card Payment Processing

Dental Lab CPM makes it easy to accept payments via credit card. We currently support check and credit acceptance services with Marathon, Authorize.Net, First Data, and eMerchant (New Merchant) . Use an existing account or create a new account, the system can be configured to post payments and credits safely and securely. If requested by the customer, there is even an option to save the credit card number in an encrypted format in the system. DLCPM can reprocess those credit card payments that may have previously failed. All of these credit card transactions are made available for viewing with just a few clicks for a given Customer on the Accounting Page or in one central list. We have also included reports presenting Successful and Failed transactions for a given time frame.

Automated Collection Call System

By creating Call records of type Past Due Account automatically with a simple click; your employees will have a written record of those accounts that require attention. This system is designed to simplify the account collection and contact process. Simply specify the criteria by which the calls will be created including the past due period you wish to target as well as minimum balance requirements. The calls will automatically be created and the past due amounts associated with the accounts are taken directly from the balances in the system.

Once the processing has completed, your accounting staff can open the Accounting Collection Calls form from the View Menu. Browsing the list, you will notice the Call Type is set to the actual past due period such as “Past Due 90+” or “Past Due 60″ while the Description of the Call includes the respective Past Due amount, such as “Over 90 Days Past Due ($289.41)” If you have also purchased the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) module you can also take advantage of one click dialing directly from the Accounting Call Manager. This valuable tool will allow your staff to stay on top of problem accounts as well as be proactive in collection. DLCPM helps remove the second guessing from your accounting processes.

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At a Glance

Sales, Credit, and Remake at a Glance

Tired of wondering what are your top accounts? Top selling Departments? Products? Based entirely on real time production data, the sales information is broken down by sales, remakes, and credits and further categorized by product types, product groups, and departments. At the same time, DLCPM makes it easy to follow up with delinquent accounts presenting all billing activity ranging from current monthly balances to 90 days past due to payment information. You will wonder how you ever did without this powerful up to the day info on what counts, Sales, Credits, and Remakes.

Live Statistics

Ever dream of knowing how much money your lab has invoiced at any given second? Ever wish you could know how many units have been entered for your PFM department as of right now? DLCPM makes this dream a reality with Up-To-The-Minute Statistics that are computed based on all production data and is broken down into a number of categories including sales, remakes, credits and units and further broken down by facilities, departments, and sub-departments based on cases invoiced and cases entered.

Extended Sales History

The Sales Data page has been revamped to include Extended Sales figures for all available years prior. The new design and layout neatly organizes last year’s 4 Quarter Sales, Remake and Credit as well as the last year 4 Quarter percentages for Sales, Remake and Credit. With just a simple click, it is even possible to view last year Sales, Remake and Credits broken down by each month. In seconds, you can know exactly how much business a customer has done with your laboratory.

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