DLCPM™ Version 7.5

Magic Touch Software releases version 7.5 of DLCPM™

  • Medical Device Excise Tax: (To learn more about this new Federal tax, please refer to IRS publications)
  • The Medical Device Excise Tax (MDET) will go into effect on Jan 1, 2013 and DLCPM™ has been modified to support this tax. For more details, please refer to this topic in the help index.
  • Integration with Henry Schein DDX: For complete instructions, refer to DDX Setup in the help file.
  • UDX Import & Export Cases
  • Products: Two new fields for Allow Remake Discount and Apply Remake Discount Ratio have been added.
  • Customers: On the main page of the customer record, the DDX Status will show if the customer is registered with DDX Portal.
  • Call Management: A new check box option called “Share with Customer” has been added to the call notes form. You may now share the case comments with your customer.
  • Cases: There is a new check box option called “DDX Update”. This option is only available if the customer is registered with DDX.
  • Scheduling: When rejecting a task from DLCPM, the reject form now displays the number of units allowing the operator to enter the rejected units.
  • System: DLCPM™ has always implemented the concept of “Soft Delete” meaning that a lot of the critical data is never permanently purged but marked as deleted. This new option is located under the Administrator Menu, and allows users to Recover or permanently purge the selected data.
  • In the Report Center:
  1. New: Invoices by Product & Customer, this report has no financial data but may be used to analyze what product was ordered by customers in a given period.
  2. New: Invoices by Product & Customer for Export, the same as previous report but formatted in raw format to export to Excel.
  3. New: Medical Device Excise Tax, to provide a summary & detail for MDET taxes for a given period. If you are charging the customer for this tax, this report is no necessary.
  4. New: Remakes by Customer & Groups, to show each customer’s remake cases with option of grouping by a number of different categories
  5. New: Application & Security Policies, to show each user and which security policies have been granted
  6. All Invoice Forms have been update to break down the State, Local, and the new Medical Device Taxes (MDET).
  7. Receivable Aging Summary Extended report has been enhanced to include last payment date and amount.
  8. Tax Liability Report has been modified to include the new MDET tax.
  9. Route List report has been enhanced to include missing pickups from prior days.
  10. Print & Process Statement has been modified: You may now print the Billing Accounts Statement separately or at a later time by selecting the new options.
  • In the Global Settings, Case Statuses option now offers a new check box option called “For Production” letting the system know that the status is used for cases that you consider in production. This is primarily used with the Shipping Manager bundling option.
  • In the System Admin program, Administrators now have the option to grant security rights to each section of the Global settings.