DLCPM™ Version 6.6

Magic Touch Software releases version 6.6 of DLCPM™ which include the following features:

  • The integration with UPS & FedEx coupled with shipment bundling had worked very well in the prior version of DLCPM(TM). The new Shipment Manager Module is designed to allow laboratories to separate the invoicing and shipping processes and to provide a view of pending shipments. This module will display all invoiced cases by customers, carriers, and service type along with the minimum ship and due date. It also displays the list of potential cases to be bundled as well as hint if the invoice can be held back for bundling purposes.
  • Once ready, users may create shipments by customer which will perform the following:
  1. Create shipment and print the shipping Label
  2. Print Invoice (optional)
  3. Print Packing Slip (Optional)
  4. Print Local Shipping Label (Optional)
  5. Upon creating a shipment, all cases are updated with the tracking number
  • The second tab on the Shipment Manager Module will display invoices already set to be shipped for the day. The shipment may be voided if the case needs to be un-invoiced. The Shipment manager may also be used with other carriers than UPS & FedEx for purpose of updating the invoices with their respective tracking numbers.
  • The Customer Complaint Module is a comprehensive customer complaint processing system which meets all FDA requirements. It consists of several processes from Submission, Evaluation, QA, to Resolution. It also provides users to specify a completion date and the employee responsible for each step with the final resolution.
  • The “Open Folder” option is now enhanced to allow downloading the design file directly to your desktop in addition to open the folder directly on the network.
  • On the Create Statement form, a new button has been added to create preview statements. Once the preview statements are created, users can navigate to Report Center and run the Statement Preview Report. This report will include all statements for users to review and verify all information is correct.
  • In addition to the existing Email and Text Messaging alerts, each customer may be setup to receive the following daily alerts:
  1. Daily Case Summary includes all of the cases received and shipped each day. It also includes the carrier and tracking number for each case.
  2. Daily Invoices includes a .PDF file with a list of all invoices for the day. Both alerts are optional per customer and they are automatically emailed at the designated time at the end of each day.
  • On the Post Payment Form, a new option for Refund has been added. If a payment with Refund is deleted, users are warned to also delete the refund.
  • On the Customer Menu as well as the accounting page, a new option called “Post Adjustment” has been added. This option is the same as creating Credit & Debit Memo except that it does not require adding a product. On the post payment form, there is a new option called “Post Cash Discount”. This option will create a credit memo recorded as a Cash Discount, applies it to the oldest open invoice and then returns to the post payment form. If a cash discount was applied to a payment that is being deleted, users are warned to optionally remove the cash discount.
  • A new option has been added on the product page to identify if the product is a Restoration or Prosthesis. When entering a Case, if the product is Restoration, users will be prompted to enter the tooth number. If the product is Prosthesis, users may select between Upper Arch, Lower Arch, or type a user defined text.
  • Users may attach images to each product entered in a case.
  • In addition to the text preferences, users may attach an Image to the product preferences and optionally print the image as part of the work order printing.
  • The following 2 items have been added to the Lab Specific Settings. Each lab may have their own account in respect to UPS, FedEx and Credit Card processing
  • An automated procedure has been added and once activated, if any customer is set to receive daily alerts, this automated procedure will automatically email the cases received, cases shipped, as well as copy of all invoices for the day.
  • In the Global Settings, a new maintenance option has been added to set-up common notes for Call Notes, Work Order, Invoice, and QC Notes. Users may add the common notes here and then use the look-up list in the respective area to paste the note without having to typing them in manually.
  • In the Global Settings, a new check box option has been added for a multi-lab environment. If a customer is shared between the labs, this option must be checked.
  • In the Globals Settings for Shipping, a new maintenance button has been added for Carrier Service Types. This option allows users to define the service type for carriers other than UPS and FedEx.
  • Attempting to add shipping product to a case when sustomers has been setup as “No Shipping Charge” will now generate an error message notifying users the shipping charge cannot be added until the customer is set to allow a shipping charge.
  • Users may define discounts as Promotional Discounts
  • Users may define multiple tax rates and set each rate individually by Customer
  • If a customer is set to “No Shipping Charge”, users will no longer be able to add a shipping charge cases entered.
  • Case Submission for the Doctor Web Access Portal has been changed to follow Restoration vs. Prosthesis products. If the requested date is enforced, the “Required Days” for the product is used when calculating the minimum return date. If multiple products are added, the largest required days will be used.
  • A new checkbox has also been added to the Fulfillment maintenance section to allow displaying the items on the Doctor Web Access Portal.

Features specific to our integration with QuickBooks are the following:

  • If an invoice is synced to QB, then un-invoiced in CPM, it will automatically be deleted from QB. If payments are synced to QB, then deleted in CPM, they will also automatically be deleted from QB. View QB Sync Errors now displays all/any the failed transactions.