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Magic Touch Software releases version 10 of DLCPM™

  • Performance improvements for Customer Settings, Case Finder, Add/Edit Case and Customer forms.
  • Campaign Manager has been re-written with many new options, including response tracking, fulfilment creation for responses, adding Starting and Ending dates for campaigns and more.
  • Technician Manager: Completely re-written with a new design. Can now check out tasks, view images and attachments. View STL files directly from Technicial Manager and allow Technicians to print their own Payroll report.
  • Customer Portal: TL files may now be viewed directly from Customer Portal.
  • Merchant Accounts: Card Connect Merchange Credit Card Processing (Marathon) support has been added.
  • Live Stats are now available for Product Types.
  • Notepad Text Boxes now have automatic date and time stamping on Work Order, COD, Collection and Credit Hold notes.
  • Task preferences can now be defined in Customer Preferences and print on the Work Order near each task. Tasks may now also include images.
  • Discount / Coupon Usage Restriction allow discount codes to be used a specified number of times.
  • Debit/Credit Adjustments: Users are able to select a GL Account for which they would like to create a Debit or Credit adjustment for when tranferring to QuickBooks or other accounting software.
  • Work Order Batch Scanning: Users can select a department when scanning work orders. Scanned files are now PDF format to conserve space.
  • Customer Settings have additional options that allow simplified navigation of multiple customers. A new option in "Alerts and Notifications" allow separate invoices to be sent to a customer.
  • Customer Settings - Autopay: Set a minimum customer total balance in order for Autopay to run.
  • Text Search Engine: Search notes from Customer info, Practice Doctors, Calls & Notes, Case, Correspondence & Email.
  • Main Customer Form: Practice Info has been moved to its own tab. A Phonetic field has been added to record the pronunciation of a customer name. Additional auditing and other navigational enhancements have been implemented.
  • Global Settings now allows Practice Doctors to be added independently of the Customer. A doctor may be linked to multiple accounts.
  • Products: Users will now have the option to change the Product ID on a product even though the product has been used on a case.
  • Cases Options now include a Surcharge & Surcharge Reason option. Cases, Case Products, Case Finder now display the Surcharge, along with the Standard Invoice Form.
  • Customer Fulfillments now allow users to check status of a fulfillment shipment that has a tracking number.
  • Accounting now includes a Payment Method menu for record keeping purposes. Extended Aging Summary fields have been added for 120, 150 and 180 days past due.
  • View Payments now have an option for Email Receipt, providing capability to email a payment receipt directly from the View Payments window.
  • Case Finder now includes Ship to State, Surcharge, Patient Appointment Date, and API Source columns. Loading times have been improved for Case Finder and Opening Cases.
  • New Re-Schedule Case Feature includes a Reason to Re-Schedule menu, which will be displayed in the audit trail and at the end of the description. Custom Schedule can now schedule tasks at a certain point without affecting previous tasks.
  • Case Edit has a variety of new options, including: Number of days since last case, New Patient Appointment scheduling, View images and Preferences of the product, Print Case Label on Save, Surcharge Reason, Warranty details, Multiple Task deletion and more.
  • Case Images & Attachments now allow adding a URL for offsite documents and images.
  • Personal Settings now allows to automatically alert the user when creating calls.
  • Calls now contain a "Talked To" field in the New notes window.
  • Volume Discount functionality will calculate discounts by the total amount of products in a case, excluding total taxes.
  • New Application Policies have been created, including "Invoice Cases for a Customer on COD" and "Release Soft Locks."
  • File Menu option to Lock Session has been added to release the client license and hold ePops.
  • Shipping Carrier now allows Selecting and Printing Logos and Print Shipment Label Receipt.
  • The following Case Statuses are no longer manually editable: On Hold, Cancelled, Invoiced TryIn, Invoiced, Submitted.
  • Shipping Manager now warns users when someone else is creating the same shipment. Fulfillment items are now visible and a checkbox has been added to include all items in the shipment.
  • Shipping Menu now has an option to Create Return Labels and bulk printing of return labels to send to customers for inbound shipping.
  • Marketing cmpaigns have been enhanced with a new look and new features.
  • DAMAS Procedures, Equipment Maintenance & Repair Log enhancements
  • QuickBooks: QB Inventory Sites has been added to the Global Settings/Laboratory Lists section. If a Product is discontinued in DLCPM, it will be set to Inactive in QB’s.
  • Time Clock maintenance: New “Insert Activity” button has been added to the Employees Time Clock Maintenance window. Allowing the ability to insert a break, i.e. Lunch break, if an employee forgets to clock out for lunch. This option will split the time clock record to 3 new entries.
  • Pickup & Shipping Service Type: Customers now may have different Carrier for shipment and pick-up.
  • UPS Pick-up Service Code: This option will dictate the method UPS will handle the pick-ups depending on the negotiated rate.
  • Export Reports option under Tools menu can now export Excel files in addition to CSV format.
  • Automated Services: Separated Send Cases Received and Shipping Nightly from Daily Invoices into two jobs.