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Magic Touch Software releases version 9.3.105 of DLCPM™

  • LabConneX Portal (LXP): Production Labs are now allowed to add Materials to the case independently of the Invoicing Lab. Date and User logging has been added to track when the material is added.
  • Job Processor Automation: A new option allows jobs not to run on weekends or holidays.
  • Technician Manager: Enhanced Message Board editor. A list of time clock hours for the current day is displayed when clocking In or Out. The number of cases scanned is now displayed while scanning tasks. DAMAS Scanning allows multiple scans before saving. A new "My Payroll" rpeort has been added that includes technician pay and time clock hours. Report is protected by user ID and password, which must be manually entered. Master Settings now offers several new options.
  • Customer Portal: A new property has been added to notify the lab by Email if there was a network error during credit card processing.
  • A new Merchant account "Payscape" has been added to the list of available Merchants.
  • A new checkbox "Do not send Statement" has been added to the accounting page. While the statements are always generated, they will not print or Email if this box is checked.
  • When creating Alerts, a new button "Alert Common Notes" may be used to select from most frequently used comments. The list of common notes are found under Global Settings, Miscellaneous option.
  • Remote Route Shipment Tracking has been added to "Update Shipping Info" for Local Deliveries. If you have out of town drivers, this option can help create deliveries and create a log with the tracking number of the main shipment.
  • Fulfillments on the customer record now display Notes and item detail to match the Fulfillment Manager.
  • Three new queries have been added to the Case Finder to find Cases with Invoice, Case Entry, or Shipment Alerts.
  • A new field for Patient Chart # has been added to the Case.
  • Reject Task from DLCPM has been slightly re-designed for clarity and it also allows for the number of units to be adjusted.
  • Completing Task from DLCPM now displays the Pay rate to be adjusted.
  • When Scheduling a Case after some tasks are completed, a new checkbox has been added to allow adjustment of the technician pay rate based on the quantity. If the quantity is increased, the technician will get credit for the difference. If it is decreased, technician pay will be deducted.
  • Customer Payment form will now auto-hide the Transaction result if the payment is not a Credit Card payment.
  • A new right click Menu called "Mark as Successful" has been added to the Customer Payments form. The option is only available if the payment is a CC payment and has failed. Upon verification with the Merchant, the payment may be marked as successful.
  • DAMAS Maintenance option has been enhanced along with several new reports.
  • Billing Accounts form has a new button for "Interim Statement" similar to Customers.
  • QuikBooks Sync has been modified to support Inventory items in QB.
  • Product form now offers a new tab with all the necessary settings for Inventory items in QuickBooks.
  • When opening a Call, Customer, or Case, if the record is locked by another user, you have an option to send an ePop to request unlocking the record.
  • ePop system now uses a pre-defined range of port as opposed any random open port.
  • Remote Route Shipment Tracking has been added to "Update Shipping Info" for Local Deliveries. If you have out of town drivers, this option can help create deliveries and track the shipment. The existing option has been modified to include a new checkbox called "Remote Route" and a field to enter the tracking number. This option will add a log in the Audit Trail section as "Remote Route Shipment" and the log Description will contain the tracking number used.
  • When editing a case, if the checkbox to print WO on Save is checked, the setting will be remembered for the user.
  • Task Pay Rate option has been modified to define Flat rate along with Pay Level. This is to complement the previous update allowing pay rate by Task, Product, and Employee.
  • Employee List form now displays the Department name that Employees have been assigned to.
  • When adding a Time Clock entry from DLCPM, the Department drop down list has been added and defaulted to the Employee's Department.
  • In the Technician Manager, selecting a Department has been added to the clock in screen.
  • The Customer Practice Info Page now displays the date of when the Customer Portal was last accessed. This change requires an update to the Customer Portal.
  • A new field called "Student Name" has been added to the Case Entry. This field is useful when working with university accounts.
  • On the Case Finder form, a new page has been added to display the complaints related to the selected Case.
  • In File Settings, Case Options, Case Dates: Set the Default Number of Days for Due Date to 0 to blank out Due Date when adding a new Case.