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Magic Touch Software releases version 9.2 of DLCPM™

  • Volume Discount: Automatically create Credit Memo or Credit Adjustment with options to preview. The process is fully automated and takes place when creating statements.
  • Recurring Invoices: Automaticaly generate invoices on a monthly basis, utilizing customer special pricing options. Invoices are generated when statements are created with an option to preview or skip the process.
  • Incoming Shipment & Automatic Case Creation: Scan the tracking number when shipments arrive, identify the Doctor and the system will automatically create a case and print optional barcodes.
  • DAMAS Maintenance Procedures: Follow and Track procedures as recommended by DAMAS.
  • Pre-Pay Option: Enable Pre-Pay for desired accounts to charge doctors at the time a case is received.
  • Report Security: Assign security to reports to restrict access to sensitive data.
  • Task Pay Rate by Technician & Product: Options to set pay rates by Task and assign to Technician have been extended by allowing different pay rates by product, task and Employee.
  • Job Processor: New parameters added for "This Period" and "Last Period" for use with reports that require Statement Period. Variables are dynaimcally calculated when the report is generated based on the current date.
  • National Provider ID (NPI): Track doctor NPI numbers on the Practice Info and Practice Doctors info pages.
  • Shipping Manager: New options for Shipping Manager, including COD Option and Amount, Require Certified Funds, Hold at Carrier Location, Require Signature and Add Shipping Charge to a specific Invoice.
  • Calls: Get ePop reminders prior to follow-up call due dates. Call Priority has been added to calls as well.
  • Case Entry Options: Add most frequently used products to "My Favorites" for use on "Add Multiple Products" page. A new drop down called "Hold Status" has been added and will activate when a case is placed on Hold. When editing a case, if Ship Date or Due Date falls on a weekend, outside of business day/working hours, or on a holiday, the background color for the field is changed to red. When changing or entering a patient last name, if another case for the same patient is found, the background color will change to yellow.
  • Print Statements: A new option has been added to exclude statements with negative balances and also to print statements in order of balance.
  • Interface Changes: All editable notes are changed to white. Non-editable notes are light yellow.
  • Security Application Policies: Hide Account and Sales tabs on the Customer Form.
  • Tax Group: New options provide an easier way to add and remove multiple taxes.
  • Discount Codes: An expiration date has been added to discount maintenance.
  • List Maintenance: Increased error handling has been added to list maintenance on Taxes, Remakes and Discounts. Users are alerted when violating option rules.
  • Products: A new checkbox has been added to the product page to prevent users from Invoicing a case if the price is zero. A new drop down has been added to define the Quick Books product type, such as Service, Inventory or Non-Inventory.
  • Credit Card Receipt Email Notification: A new credit card receipt template has been created, containing serveral merge fields. Template is customizable by the user and is used to notify the customer of posted payments, as well as by the Auto-Pay automation process.
  • Daily Alerts Email Templates Merge fields: New fields added to the Nightly Alerts email template.
  • API Web Services: DLCPM now provides the ability for 3rd party companies to submit cases via the website. This option requires Customer Portal.
  • LabConneX Integration: If you are a Milling Center and receiving cases from other labs or doctors, your customers can send you a case directly from their DLCPM enabled system. While this is possible using the Customer Portal but LabConneX eliminates the double entry and provides full 2 way communication between you and your customers.
  • Customer Portal Smart RX: Laboratories now can design their own electronic RX form and make it available online to receive cases. A new menu option called "Submit RX" has been added under Cases menu. When submitting a Case, a new option "- New Doctor -" has been added to the drop down list. If Doctor is new to the practice, he or she can add herself to the list. A new option has been added to the Management Console to allow Prospects to login to the Customer Portal.
  • Customer Portal Work Order & Invoice: Customer Portal now prints the Work Order Invoice using the Crystal Report the same way that prints in the Lab.