DLCPM™ Version 6.12

Magic touch software releases version 6.12 of DLCPM™ which includes the following features:

  • When forwarding E-Mails from the Correspondence page & My E-Mail, the original email is now added to the newly created email.
  • When sending E-Mails from the accounting page, the recipient and the email address is taken from the billing account contact. If any of these fields are blank, the name and address will be taken from the main customer record.
  • A new checkbox has been added under the settings accounting page to determine how the monthly statements are printed. By default, the charges and payments are printed in chronological order. If this new check box option is checked, the charges and credits are listed first, the payments are listed after.
  • The accounting menu on the main form now offers a new option called “Process Auto Pay Now”. If you have not enabled the auto pay but would like to process the payments manually, select this option. You may open the Customer Payment Manager to review the payments as they are being processed.
  • Void Payment now allows voiding payment from previous statement period which was not allowed before. Since customer has already received the statement, this option will now Void the payment and will Re-Create the previous month’s statement automatically.
  • In the Global Settings for case options, there is a new option which allows users to automatically print the invoice during the invoicing process. However, if a customer has opted to receive their invoices as part of the daily alerts system, you may check this box so the invoices are no longer printed for that customer.
  • A new option to restrict specific catalog prices from being viewed on the Doctor Web Access Portal and if checked, the case submission page will only display products that are listed in the specified catalog.
  • The post payment form now is several times faster when there are a large number of invoices to pay.
  • Two new queries called “Customers have ordered ? Product in ? Days” and “Customers have not ordered ? Product in ? Days” have been added.
  • If a case is invoiced, users are not able to edit the case. However, the action menu at the bottom left corner of the screen will allow changing only certain parts of the case such as Patient Name and Shade.
  • If a Remake Case is submitted, the Doctor Web Access Portal now only shows the reason as selected in DLCPM™ instead of showing all reasons.
  • A new option for users to define the default AR account has been added to QB Sync settings. When defined, DLCPM™ will explicitly set the account when posting invoices and payments.
  • When creating credit memo with taxable products, the credit memo will also include the amount for tax.
  • An ePop notification will be sent to members of accounting group automatically when Auto-Pay processes credit card payments.