LabConneX Portal

The LabConneX software system is based on traditional Client – Server architecture and establishes a direct connection between the Customer and the Laboratory utilizing our secure Data Center for both validation and authentication. Both outsourcing laboratories and practices with high volume of Cases can benefit from this system as all communications with the producing laboratories are streamlined.

DLCPM Web Portal by Magic Touch Software

For several years, the DLCPM Web Portal by Magic Touch Software has provided an excellent mechanism allowing Laboratories to provide 24 hour service to their customer. The Web Portal provides many features such as viewing account information, case tracking, CC payments, upload documents and digital images, and most importantly Case Submission.

With the rise of digital dentistry, now large files such as digital impressions and model scans are required to be uploaded to the producing laboratory. While the Web Portal has satisfied this function, it may be time consuming for Customers with a large number of cases. Also, the communications are handled through HTTPS services, which may not be adequate for large digital files.

LabConneX is designed to make a secure direct connection between the Customer and the producing Laboratory using our state of the art data center in San Diego and also Dallas for failover and authentication.

Dental Lab Customer & Product Management System

LabConneX also provides a real time two way communication system between the Laboratory using DLCPM (Dental Lab Customer & Product Management System) and the LabConneX client installed at the Customer site. This client allows customers to submit cases directly from the desktop while providing the selling Laboratory products and prices. The customer has the option to attach any available images and documents and submit the case all in one secure and autonomous operation. All further communications and alerts are performed in real time between the Laboratory and the Customer without ever needing to pick up the phone. Most importantly, all communications to the Laboratory are automatically tracked in DLCPM for future reference and optionally sent to the customer.

LabConneX simplifies case submission process by streamlining the upload process by performing the operation as a background process. Unlike HTTP protocols, the Customer does not have to wait for one upload to finish in order to submit the next case. Customers may enter the cases as fast as they can type and receive notifications instantly as their cases are received by the Laboratory. For more information and pricing, please contact Magic Touch Software at 760-481-3238.

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