DLCPM™ Version 7.0

Magic Touch Software is proud to release it’s newest version of DLCPM™. Although there are many new advances as well additions in features, DLCPM™ has evolved but continued to raise the bar when it comes to dental lab production and customer service. Click on the read more link to review just a few additions and changes made in this newest version.

  • A new feature for Case Audit Trail (DAMAS Requirement) has been added to provide device/case activity history for the time it was received at the lab to the time it was shipped. The new option is available on right click Menu of a case or the Print option for a case.
  • The Print Statements option will now print the .PDF file directly as opposed to running the report again for each statement.
  • The multiple product option now sorts the Group, Type, and Department in alphabetic order.
  • The case number is now printed on the Product Preference Images.
  • The Print Statements option now has an option to print Billing Account statements. If statements are printed by statement class, this check box option will prevent the billing account statements to be printed multiple times.
  • A new check box option has been added to the Customer Complaints settings to prevent registering duplicate complaints for the same invoice.
  • On the Case Finder and customer form, you may right click on a product to add or change the lot number. This is especially helpful if the case is already invoiced and you no longer are required to edit each product to update the lot number.
  • For related products, there are three new options that have been added to allow changing the price for related products when added to the case automatically as part of another product. These new options will allow setting the Quantity, Overwrite the Price, and the Price itself.
  • For product tasks, there are two new options that have been added to define the department for each task and to instruct the scheduling system when to advance to the next day. These new options will advance to the following day if the task is performed in a different department.
  • A new option has been added to the Scheduling option to multiply the task duration by the number of specified units.
  • In the Global Settings for the default invoicing lab, if set, when adding a case, the invoicing lab will default to the lab which the customer is assigned to. If this option is set and the active customer is not assigned to any invoicing lab, users will not be allowed to enter a new case for that customer.
  • In the accounting menu, the option to manually Re-Create Last Statement .PDF files option has been added. This option will be useful if the statements are created but the statement form needs to be changed or re-formatted.
  • The Print & Process Statements option now has a new option for “Do not Print Statements for customers with zero balance”
  • The Print & Process Statements options will also now will print the statements directly from the .PDF file instead of using Crystal Reports to re-generate them.
  • When adding a new Case, after the patient names are entered, DLCPM™ will check for other open cases entered with the same names and customer. If found, a new button is displayed on the bottom of the page with option to open those cases.
  • When adding a new Case, after the patient names are entered, DLCPM™ will check for other open cases entered with the same names and customer with Status of “On Hold”, “Canceled”, or “Sent for Try In”. If found, a warning message will display with option to open those cases.
  • The Statement Send Method offers a new option called “Print & E-Mail”. If set, the statement will print for the customers that are set to print and also email the statements for the customers that are set to email at the same time.
  • All credit memo screens now include option to select a reason for the credit. The reasons to select from are user defined and can be set in the Global Settings.
  • All Credit Invoice menus now offer three options as follow:
  1. Automatically Apply- this option applies the credit to the oldest open invoices
  2. Manually apply on Save- this option will open the form and show all unpaid invoices so you may apply the credit as desired
  3. Leave Un-Applied- this option will simply save the credit memo without applying any amount to any case
  • The Global Settings has a new option called “Automation Server” to configure the automated services for Auto-Pay, Send & Receive Email, and Lock Box feature. The lock box feature requires a custom program to be developed based on your bank reporting system.
  • The Misc. option now offers Time Clock Activity Maintenance. These user defined options will available in the time clock system and may be used for activities like Training, Trade Shows, etc. These options are added to the 4 built-in activities of Production, Non-Production, Break, and Lunch which are used in the Technician Manager.
  • This Employees Time Clock form has been enhanced with a new grid to search and sort. It also has been modified to make the manual time entry easier.
  • Production Tasks now offers defining the task by minutes or hours.
  • When creating a schedule for a product, you may now specify the task to start on the next day. This option is referred to as the ‘Day-break Option’. For example, you may check the box on the third task to start on the next day instead of setting the task duration to 8 hours.
  • A new menu option called “Process Auto-Pay” has been added to the accounting menu. If you do not need Auto-Pay to run automatically, you may run it manually when you would like the customer credit cards to be billed based on their auto pay settings.