DLCPM™ Version 7.1

Magic Touch Software releases version 7.1.21 of DLCPM™ which includes the following features:

  • The customer form has a new section to display most of the default lab settings. There is also a new button to access the lab specific settings directly from this page. While there are many other settings available, this section only displays most common fields.
  • The Doctor Web Access Portal has a new option added to decide which address to use for the FROM field when sending alerts to the Lab.
  • In the settings for each customer, a new field called ‘Web Catalog’ has been added. If specified, the Doctor Web Access Portal will only allow products from this Catalog to display.
  • The Pickup Manager now displays pickup instructions from what is specified in the lab settings.
  • The option for add pickup now displays transit days from customer based on customer zip code.
  • During case entry located on the Shipping page also now displays transit day to the Customer based on Customer zip code.
  • All Employees Time Clock Reports are enhanced to include / exclude different activities such as lunch, break, etc.
  • In the Global Settings for Shipping Carrier, the section for UPS now has a new option for label rotation.
  • A new check box option has been added in the Reasons Maintenance as to display the reason on the web or not. The Doctor Web Access Portal no longer displays the remake reasons by defaults.
  • The Add Task option is now available even if the case has been invoiced.
  • In the Global Settings, a new option has been added to calculate the finance charge only when the total balance is greater than a specified amount.
  • Also in the Global Settings, a new check box option has been added to decide if the system should create the statements broken down by lab. Typically the statements are created for each customer but in a multi-lab environment, it may be desirable to see the aging for each lab individually. With this option, the Finance Charges are also calculated based on the balances owed to each lab.
  • In the Laboratory Settings under alert forms, a new form has been added for the monthly statements. This form is used by the DLCPM(TM) Automation Server when emailing the statements.
  • The options to email invoice and email statement from DLCPM(TM) now uses the default template for the current user to allow for full customization of the email format.
  • The post payment module has been completely re-written for performance and optimization when there are more than 500 open invoices for a given customer.
  • The Purchase Order’s change price option found on the right click menu allows increasing or decreasing the prices by a specified percentage.
  • The product notes have been replaced with product invoice notes to allow specifying notes for each product by Lab. These notes will optionally print on the work order and the invoice by checking the respective boxes on the product form.
  • In the Shipping Manager the create shipment options now provides option to select a different shipping address.