DLCPM™ Version 6.7

Magic Touch Software releases version 6.7 of DLCPM™ including the following updated features:

  • Application Securities for users are broken down by Category for easier view.
  • GROUPS or USERS may be added to the application policies.
  • A large number of new security policies options have been added for better flexibility and control throughout DLCPM.Accounting: Post Payment
  • Users while posting a payment may now check the box next to each past due balance to pay the invoices which make up that past due balance instead of selecting one invoice at a time.
  • The two options for Refund Check and Refund Credit Card has been added to the transfer routine for QB.
  • View payments window now displays the Transaction ID and Approval Code for Credit Card payments
  • The Online Mart CC processing has been added for Canadian Customers (requires license)
  • Purolator Carrier is now available for Canadian customers (requires separate license)