DLCPM™ Version 6.8

Magic Touch Software releases version 6.8 of DLCPM™ which include the following features:

  • In the Shipping Manager, a new tab called “Shipments Due Out Today” has been added. This page displays all the cases that must go out that day based on the combination of Ship Date and Due Date.
  • A new option in the Shipping Manager has been added for users to set a declared value for the shipment during the create shipment process.
  • In the Shipping Manager, on the create shipment page, a message will be displayed for customers with Pending Fulfillments.
  • A new option has been added in the Shipping Manager to open the Case Finder if additional information about the case such as Products, Tasks, and Log requires review.
  • A new option has been added to track any fulfillments that have been shipped through a Carrier with a tracking number.
  • On the Sales page, a new tab has been added to display sales by products similar to the Department, Type, and Group.
  • Carrier Service Type has been added for users to view on the Cases page.
  • If a transfer to QB has been enabled, users will not be allowed to enter more than one tax rate per customer (which is due to restrictions within QB).
  • A new check box option has been added to allow users to set the default Doctor Name. When adding a new case, the doctor name is taken from the main customer record. If this box is checked, the Doctor Name will default to this name during the case entry.
  • If the option, “Use this address instead of Customer shipping address” box is checked, when users select that Practice Doctor, the address shown will be added to the case instead of the main customer shipping address.
  • In the Global Settings, a new option has been added for QB transfers to Auto-Apply Payments. If for some reason, the transfer routine is unable to pay the specific invoices according to DLCPM™, this option will auto apply the payments in QB paying the oldest open invoice.