Products Overview for LMT Chicago Winter Show 2013

In our continued pursuit of excellence, we at Magic Touch Software are constantly improving our powerful software products and with each New Year, brings a new release. 2013 is no exception! We are proud to announce the arrival of DLCPM™ V8, Customer Portal V8, DLCPM™ Mobile V8, LabConneX, and DLCPMNet. We will be exhibiting at LMT show booth #407 and I would like to personally invite you to stop by and learn more about our products and services.

Below are some quick highlights…


  • Image Capture allows user to snap a picture during and after Case Entry
  • Brand new report interface, allowing dynamic report parameters from drop down
  • Shipping Manager Scale integration, Bundled Shipments, and COD options
  • Brand New Billing Account
  • Laboratory Dashboards refreshed in Real Time
  • Report Monitor includes Sales & Production Data
  • Ideal for projecting on TV Screens throughout the Lab

Customer Portal V8

In addition to a number of visual enhancements, Customer Portal V8 has been localized. The initial release in Q2 2013 will include French & German followed by Spanish.

DLCPM™ Mobile Applications

This product now offers full broadband support allowing your drivers to scan barcodes, obtain signatures, and upload data to the server immediately all while delivering or picking up cases. Other apps include Time Clock, Case Location, and Task Scanning.


This product was released about 3 years ago as a standalone product for lab communication, but has now been fully integrated with DLCPM™ to eliminate double entry and other errors. It also provides full communication between the labs as well as image transfer.


This web based solution, functions completely independent of operating systems or browsers. Customers can choose between PC, Mac, laptop, desktop, iPad, Transformer, Nexus, Surface and other tablets and decide on your favorite browser; IE, Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you this week!