DLCPM™ Version 6.10

Magic Touch Software releases version 6.9 of DLCPM™ which includes the following features:

  • New options have been added under the settings to define Translucencies and Shades.
  • The default Work Order report now prints the TL and Shade below each product description.
  • The Translucencies and Shades described above are also implemented in the Doctor Web Access Portal. Customers will be able to select translucency and shades for the product and will not be allowed to save the case without the options specified if a given product has associated TL and/or Shades.
  • In the Doctor Web Access Portal, accounting preferences have been added which include options to opt-in receiving Monthly Statements by E-Mail.
  • When a case submitted from the Doctor Web Access Portal is accepted, the creator is changed from “Web” to the user who accepted the case. A log is also written to show when the case was accepted.
  • A new property has been added to Show / Hide the Shade field at the case level.
  • When adding alerts, users now have the option to prevent the alert from expiring by un-checking the “Allow users to Expire this Alert” check box. If this box is not checked, during case entry, users will not be allowed to expire the alert.
  • In the Global Settings, there is now a section on maintenance for Country Codes. By default, USA and Canada have been added in the database.
  • If a Try-In case is invoiced, DLCPM™ creates a new case duplicating the original case.

In the Global Settings for Case options there are four new options to define:

  1. A new option to automatically print the sacking slip has been added
  2. A new printer setting has been added to define the printer for the packing slip
  3. The packing slip and/or invoice may be printed from Shipping Manager
  4. The packing slip and/or invoice may printed when invoicing a case

* Please contact MTSI to create your custom designed packing slip!