DLCPM™ Joins the Cloud!

Dental Lab Customer & Production Management Software

(DLCPM™) joins the Cloud.

CA, USA — February 12th, 2013

Magic Touch Software (MTS)

Magic Touch Software (MTS) is proud to announce its latest innovation, DLCPM Net. This web based solution, functions completely independent of operating systems or browsers. Customers can choose between PC, Mac, laptop, desktop, iPad, Transformer, Nexus, Surface and other tablets and decide on your favorite browsers; IE, Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari.

“Unlike other lab software products, DLCPM Net is the only management system to offer both a windows client and a cloud based solution with complete and seamless integration,” says Gary Bagheri, president of Magic Touch Software. “Our customers can install the web services in house or choose to have MTS host the data in the cloud.”


DLCPM Net utilizes the existing DLCPM™ Server technology so the data is easily shared between applications regardless of the connection method. Arm the sales team with access to prospects and sales analysis data anywhere on the road. Manage Calls, Notes, and Customer records before and while visiting customers. DLCPM Net is scheduled to be released in Q3, 2013.

DLCPM™ is the leading dental laboratory management software with exclusive features empowering dental laboratories to optimize production processes and provide complete customer satisfaction. The Customer Portal, Mobile Applications, Shipping Manager, Call Management System, Customer Complaints, Automated Services, Paperless Office, UPS/ FedEx/ QuickBooks Integration, Report Scheduler, Technician Manager, are all just a few of the many features available only with DLCPM™.