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Magic Touch Software was founded in October 2002 by the three key developers. Since shifting focus to the Dental industry, MTS software products have emerged as the leading software solutions for dental laboratories worldwide. In many cases the unique feature set and powerful designs have set the bar for all dental lab software. Riding the wave of success generated by the flagship product, Dental Lab CPM Enterprise, Magic Touch Software has experienced continued growth expanding operations overseas, tripling the employee work force, and continued releases of new and revolutionary products each and every year.

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Corporate Mission Statement

The corporate goal for our customers that every employee at MTS embraces whole heartedly is simple and can be defined in two words: Sustained Growth. Above all a dental laboratory is a business and our expert team understands the intricate ins and outs of the dental lab industry. As a result, all products are developed from the ground up with this ideal governing all design decisions. Our unique approach allows dental laboratories to mold the software solutions to specific needs, not requiring labs to adapt business processes to the way the software works.

Partners in Success!

Providing efficient yet intuitive case management as well as unmatched customer service and marketing tools in one easy to use, fully integrated application, we have successfully bridged the gap between customer management and real time production data.

Customer Support Philosophy

How is the relationship with your software vendor treating you? Tired of reporting an issue and not hearing back for weeks? Or even worse, months? When was the last time you were offered a software upgrade with added functionality? If these questions leave you wondering where your money is going, you are not alone.

We at MTS have single handedly work diligently to revolutionize this relationship in the dental lab software industry. Included in every software purchase is a support plan that ensures your laboratory has a means to report problems or issues that may arise, but more importantly resolve these issues in a timely fashion. Our Customer Support philosophy dictates that a call to our support team during operating hours will be met with a live person, never an answering service. While the majority of issues can be handle by our customer support specialists right over the phone, all phone calls and emails receive a reply in hours, not days.

Partnering with Magic Touch Software will guarantee that any issue that affects your ability to conduct business in your laboratory will be resolved the very same day it is reported. Minor issues not affecting production are resolved within 72 hours. Any feature requests, customizations, reports, or modifications that fit within the application framework will be delivered in days, not weeks. Every year you can expect a major version upgrade performed off hours. Every quarter you can also count on software updates that improve functionality and fix issues, not introduce new ones.

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